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In case you forgot or didn’t track those news, immediately following the Edward Snowden’s revelations about just how much NSA spies over everyone on the Internet, a brand new type of a web service emerged –
the anonymous search engine. Called DuckDuckGo, it has seen a tremendous growth – up to 1% of the market from the bottom 0.03 it had in 2009.

Such a crazy spiraling growth of more than x30 times over such a short time period have proven one thing.

That thing being that people, regardless of whether they’re from the US, Canada or anywhere else in the world want their privacy back.

Amid the revelations about just how much do America (and we’re sure other countries too) spies over its own citizens surfing the web, there is and was another reason that helped the popular outrage reach a real boiling point, which
resulted in the DuckDuckGo’s inception.

That was the fact that long before the Snowden’s revelations about NSA spying, companies such as Google and Facebook already had a huge chalk of scoop on you.

Basically, considering people want to keep their web searches safe and private, there was no other option but for an anonymous search engine to emerge.

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